Collins STILL doesn’t think Mainers deserve to know whether she supports President Trump’s re-election


In a conversation with Colby College’s Goldfarb Center for Public Affairs last week, Senator Susan Collins was again asked if she will vote to reelect Trump. Collins refused to answer the question, saying “it’s not a time for partisan politics.”





FLOWERS: I do see a couple of questions from our audience talking about whether you’re going to vote for Trump, did you vote for Trump? You know, what are your thoughts on that?


COLLINS: Well I will tell you that right now I am focused on my own campaign. But I’m not even focused on that right now…. I think it’s not a time for partisan politics. As is well known, I did not support President Trump in the last election, I wrote in the name of Paul Ryan. I’ve been public about that. And I know Joe Biden very well having served many years with him, worked on a lot of first responder issues with him now. I’ve also developed a relationship with this administration and I will work with whomever is elected as president.


Mainers have been asking this question for months, and for months Collins has refused to answer. This latest dodge comes as Collins is facing scrutiny for defending Trump’s response to the coronavirus crisis and being the only member of Maine’s delegation not to call for transparency and accountability from the Trump administration on PPE.


“Senator Collins has supported and enabled Trump’s extreme agenda since day one,” said Maine Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Marra. “While she may not feel like she has to be honest with Mainers about whether she supports his reelection, her record tells us everything we need to know.”