In a new video released today, Senator Collins’ campaign attacked Maine’s response to the coronavirus, while she continued to defend Donald Trump and the federal response that has left states across the country hamstrung and without the resources they desperately need to combat the coronavirus crisis.


Instead of standing up for Maine, Senator Collins has repeatedly refused to criticize Trump, even going so far as to say she thinks the President “did a lot that was right at the beginning.” Her defense of Trump flies in the face of continuous reporting about the Trump administration’s failure to respond adequately to the coronavirus and how it has left states like Maine without the resources needed to deal with the crisis. Senator Collins also opposed efforts to get more resources to states when she fought to push through an inadequate bill that lacked aid for states and municipalities, relief for our hospitals, and protections for workers. Now, Mitch McConnell is suggesting that states like Maine should go into bankruptcy rather than Congress providing additional federal support.


Today, Collins is taking it a step further in a new video falsely claiming that the Maine Legislature “immediately adjourned” and “did nothing” when the coronavirus pandemic arrived in Maine. In reality, Governor Mills and the Maine Legislature took “swift and serious” action within days that the Portland Press Herald praised as “a good example for the state.” Democratic, Republican, and Independent lawmakers came together quickly to pass a supplemental budget and provide additional resources for combatting the coronavirus crisis. 


“Maine has been left without the resources we desperately need because of the stunning failures at the federal level to help states as they battle this crisis,” said Maine Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Marra. “But instead of standing up for Maine, Senator Collins is so concerned about her re-election that she is tripling down on her defense of Trump and the federal government while shamefully attacking Governor Mills and the Maine legislators who acted quickly and in a bipartisan fashion to protect Maine people.”