Westbrook, MAINE – In last night’s final televised Republican gubernatorial debate on WMTW News 8, candidates Mary Mayhew, Shawn Moody, and Garrett Mason tacked to the extreme right, pledging to fight to repeal the voter-approved Medicaid expansion law, unequivocally declaring that health care was not a human right, and even going so far as to deny that human activities are largely responsible for climate change, despite the overwhelming scientific consensus otherwise.

         “Mary Mayhew, Shawn Moody, and Garrett Mason proved last night there is no line they won’t cross in order to win this extreme primary,” said Phil Bartlett, Chairman of the Maine Democratic Party. “Denying a person’s right to health care, rejecting the scientifically-proven reason driving climate change, and pledging to repeal Medicaid expansion may help them now, but it will hurt Maine people in the long-run. Mayhew, Mason, and Moody have made it clear that they are deeply out-of-step with the needs and interests of Maine people.”

When asked about Medicaid expansion:

Shawn Moody: “I did not support the Medicaid expansion, and…I would fight to repeal it.

Garrett Mason: “I would appeal the decision to the higher court. I would ask for an injunction to stop the court order and from there I would work every day to make sure I elect Republicans in the Legislature so that we can repeal the Medicaid expansion law.”

Mary Mayhew: “The judge was wrong. [Medicaid expansion] needs to be repealed immediately. That court order needs to be challenged right to the Supreme Court.”


When asked if health care is a human right

Shawn Moody: “No. You earn it.”

Garrett Mason: “No.”

Mary Mayhew: “No.”


When asked if human activities contribute to climate change:

Mary Mayhew: “No.”

Shawn Moody: “It’s mostly, it’s…uh…no.”

Garrett Mason: “Partly, not completely.”