Augusta, MAINE – Today, Republican gubernatorial candidates and State House Leaders Mike Thibodeau, Ken Fredette, and Garrett Mason rejected an opportunity to condemn Neo-Nazis.

The three candidates, as part of their responsibilities as Republican leaders on the Legislative Council, balked at supporting a resolution offered by Representative Maureen Terry (D-Gorham) that condemns Neo-Nazis. Their vote today to oppose the resolution comes weeks after Mike Thibodeau objected to the original resolution, arguing that Republicans needed more time to review it. With the 5-5 vote, the resolution will not move forward.

Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett issued the following statement in response:

“It is almost unimaginable that, in 2018, the majority of Maine’s Republican candidates for Governor are refusing to condemn Neo-Nazism. Mainers deserve to know that the Republicans running to be their next Governor do not support, and will not miss an opportunity to reject, such vile ideology. We urge the other two Republican candidates, Mary Mayhew and Shawn Moody, to stand up and reject the hatred and bigotry of Neo-Nazis and call on their fellow Republicans to reverse course on this straightforward resolution."