While Paul LePage campaigns on inflation today, Governor Janet Mills and a bipartisan coalition in the Legislature have already taken action to help Maine people.

Governor Mills has delivered one of the strongest inflation relief measures in the country. Thanks to her leadership, more than 850,000 Maine people have received an $850 inflation relief check, with the average Maine family receiving $1,700 to help them with high costs.

LePage, on the other hand, has repeatedly denounced the inflation relief program as a “gimmick” and “one of the worst things we could possibly do”--although, of course he himself says he cashed his own relief check. According to Maine outlets, LePage’s plan to deal with inflation “defies logic” and relies on cutting taxes that don’t exist. And inflation is just one of a number of issues where LePage does not appear to have a serious plan to help Mainers.

“We hear every day how grateful Maine people are for the $850 inflation relief checks Governor Mills delivered,” said Misha Linnehan, spokesperson for the Maine Democratic Party. “They also tell us how grateful they are to have a Governor who fights problems, not people, and who they know will continue to stand up for them. There’s only one candidate in the race for Governor with a record of delivering inflation relief and lowering costs for Maine people - and that’s Governor Mills.”

In addition to the $850 checks, Governor Mills has worked with the Legislature to help Maine people and small businesses with high costs by: