In the final debate of Maine’s U.S. Senate race, Senator Collins refused what will likely be her last best opportunity to tell Mainers the truth about who she thinks should be leading the country. After spending nearly four years supporting Donald Trump in the Senate, she’s made a craven political calculation that she’ll have a better chance at reelection if she manages to be dishonest about her presidential vote all the way to Election Day.

For the last 682 days, Collins has deployed a series of false and flimsy excuses to try to weasel her way out of answering this straightforward question, but her record leaves no doubt about who she supports. She’s helped Mitch McConnell stack the federal courts by voting to confirm 181 Trump nominated judges, cast a critical vote for a tax giveaway to corporations and the wealthy that put Mainers’ health care at risk, and  voted with Trump 94% of the time.

“Mainers aren’t fooled by this desperate last ditch play for political cover: Senator Collins has been on team Trump since the day he took office,” said Maine Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Marra. “After having voted with the president 94% of the time, it’s shameful that she doesn’t even have the courage to tell us the truth about her support for him. Mainers deserve a Senator who’s not afraid to fight for us—that’s why next week we’re going to elect Sara Gideon.”