Last week on the debate stage, Senator Susan Collins refused to answer a direct question about her support for Donald Trump, but while she was sidestepping the question she went out of her way to claim that “not a single person asked” her on her recent bus tour about who she supports in the presidential election, but that wasn’t true. On a tour stop in Bangor, Senator Collins fielded questions about whether she’ll be endorsing Trump while she was literally standing next to her campaign bus.





Senator Collins has been trying to mislead Mainers about her support for Trump for the last 641 days. In addition to making false claims about her bus tour, she’s been trying to hide her record of having voted with Trump 94% of the time. The truth is that Trump is behind Senator Collins’ reelection ‘100%’ because he knows he can count on her vote for his agenda of tax giveaways for the rich and big corporations, threatening health care coverage for millions, and confirming extreme right wing judges. 


“Mainers deserve to know the truth about Senator Collins’ support for Donald Trump,” said Maine Democratic Party Executive Director Lisa Roberts. “No matter how hard Collins tries to dodge, this question isn’t going away. Maine people expect an honest answer about who Senator Collins thinks should be leading the country for the next four years.”