Westbrook, MAINE – Today, Maine’s Republican candidates for governor unleashed a torrent of attack ads on one another in a bid to prove their conservative bonda fides as they race to the extreme right to claim Paul LePage’s coveted mantle.

In radio ads posted publicly today, Republicans Mary Mayhew and Shawn Moody attacked one another as insufficiently conservative while Garrett Mason dropped a TV ad slamming them both for failing to be right-wing enough.

         “The people of Maine know that Mary Mayhew, Shawn Moody, and Garrett Mason are all the next coming of Paul LePage – but that’s still not good enough for them as they continue to fight to out-Lepage one another,” said Phil Bartlett, Chairman of the Maine Democratic Party. “Attack ads like these just show how far to the right Mayhew, Moody, and Mason have to run and how extreme they have to be in order to win. But, regardless of who wins, the last thing Maine needs is a third term of LePage’s failed conservative agenda – and that’s what they’ve all promised to deliver.”

To listen to Mayhew’s attack on Moody, click HERE.

To listen to Moody’s attack on Mayhew, click HERE.

To watch Mason’s attack on Mayhew and Moody, click HERE.