Westbrook, MAINE - Bruce Poliquin withdrew from an upcoming Maine Public debate after spending much of the News Center Maine ME-02 Debate on Monday night lying about his votes to strip health coverage from Mainers.

Poliquin’s lies weren’t just reserved for his own record, though, as he frequently attacked Jared Golden’s character, questioned the patriotism of the Marine Corps veteran, and mischaracterized his record at every turn.

Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett criticized Poliquin, the incumbent Congressman, for once again hiding from his constituents and refusing to face questions from members of the media:

“We shouldn’t be surprised that the Congressman who runs from reporters and hides from constituents behind locked doors would withdraw from a televised debate—but it doesn’t make it any less shameful. Our elected officials should make themselves available to their constituents, and that includes keeping commitments to talk about the issues openly and in front of Mainers.

“Instead of facing questions about his votes to cut health care coverage from his constituents or be confronted about his attempts to lie about Jared’s record, Poliquin would prefer to remain hidden. Mainers deserve better, plain and simple.”