Westbrook, MAINE - Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett issued the following statement after tonight’s ME-02 Congressional candidate debate:

“Jared Golden focused on the issues—making health care more affordable and accessible, fighting the opioid crisis, and building an economy that doesn’t leave rural Mainers behind. From his combat service in the Marine Corps to his time in Maine’s legislature, Jared has proven that he has the record, temperament, and character Mainers can be proud of, and he’s ready to take a new style of leadership to Congress.

“Unfortunately, Mainers saw more of the same from Poliquin—more false attacks about Jared and more lies about his own record. Poliquin even went as far as to demean the time Jared has spent working at his family business. That’s very rich coming from a career Wall Street executive.

“The fact is that Bruce Poliquin voted for a Republican health care bill that not even Susan Collins would support because it would have devastated rural hospitals, allowed insurance companies to jack up premiums for older Mainers and those with pre-existing conditions, and taken away health care coverage from folks seeking substance use treatment. His record is indefensible and he knows it—that’s why he continues to repeat his false attacks. Mainers simply deserve better than what Bruce Poliquin has offered over the last four years.”