This week was not good for Senator Susan Collins. New polling found that only 37% of Mainers approve of her job performance, she stumbled when attempting to walk back past comments, and she was overtaken by one of her Democratic challengers in first quarter fundraising.


On Monday, new polling showed a “further drop in approval” for Collins, who had already earned the distinction of becoming the nation’s most unpopular Senator earlier this year.


On Tuesday, Senator Collins attempted to distance herself from past comments on President Trump’s coronavirus response. But it was clear that Mainers weren’t buying it when letter writers to papers across the state fact checked Collins’ ridiculous claim that Trump “did a lot that was right in the beginning.” Voters pointed out that Trump “spent weeks downplaying the coronavirus and failing to prepare” and called out Collins’ attempt to “rewrite history.”


Then on Wednesday, FEC filings revealed that one of Collins’ Democratic challengers had leapfrogged over her fundraising advantage by raising more than double Collins in the first quarter. Maine’s US Senate primary will be held on July 14th. You can read about all three Democratic candidates here.


This week shows just how vulnerable Collins is as she faces the softest support and toughest election of her career. It’s clear that Maine voters are ready to defeat Collins in November and elect a new senator who puts Maine first.