Augusta, Maine — With Senate Democrats now poised to force a vote on a bill that would overturn the FCC’s recent decision to reverse net neutrality rules, Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett issued the following statement calling on Congressman Bruce Poliquin to reverse his position in the best interests of his constituents:

“The rural Maine communities that Bruce Poliquin represents deserve greater and more affordable connectivity to the internet to help them drive economic activity, provide educational opportunities, and create a more prosperous future. The FCC’s recent vote to reverse net neutrality threatens to stamp out any progress in that direction by allowing big telecom companies to shackle rural Mainers with higher prices. 

“Thankfully, the Senate has a real opportunity to overturn the FCC’s decision, and Mainers deserve to know if Congressman Poliquin will have their back if the bill makes it to House. Will he finally stand with Congresswoman Pingree, Senators Collins and King, and his constituents to protect a free and open internet? Or will he once again vote to protect big telecom companies at the expense of the future of rural Mainers?

“It's time for Poliquin to stand up for the people he represents and support net neutrality."


In 2016, Rep. Poliquin voted for a bill that would limit the FCC's efforts to preserve net neutrality. He has yet to publicly take a position on the Senate's Democratic-led efforts to overturn the FCC's repeal of net neutrality rules.