During tonight’s debate, Paul LePage once again demonstrated that he is unfit to govern Maine by lying repeatedly, launching false accusations against Governor Mills, and failing to understand simple questions about his plans for abortion rights.

LePage has a long history of attacking and denigrating fellow Mainers. During his time in office, LePage’s insults and threats against the people he was elected to serve repeatedly made national headlines.

Here is just a small selection of LePage’s bullying:

LePage began this year’s campaign by insisting that he had changed and cared about civil discourse, saying “if we don’t find a path to at least like each other and respect each other, our country is in for doom.”

Since then, LePage has reverted to his old ways, repeatedly insulting Governor Mills, blatantly lying about her record, threatening to “deck” a Maine Democratic Party staffer, accusing the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine of corruption, and fighting with Maine farmers.

It’s clear Paul LePage hasn’t changed at all—and we’re not the only ones who’ve noticed.

Learn more about how he hasn't changed at sameoldlepage.com.