Towns all over Maine are struggling to contend with revenue losses caused by the coronavirus pandemic, but rather than getting to work to support struggling municipalities, Senator Susan Collins is spending her time in Washington confirming Trump nominees.

Since the Senate returned from a 10-day recess last week, Collins has voted to confirm eight Trump nominees, but has done little to ensure that state and local governments will receive the federal support they need to contend with the coronavirus crisis. While Collins attempts to mislead about her record, she can’t hide the fact that she actively opposed negotiations to secure funding for state and local governments in the last two rounds of coronavirus aid negotiations. 

“Senator Collins has made her priorities very clear,” said Maine Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Marra. “She’s repeatedly obstructed and undermined efforts to secure desperately needed funding for struggling state and local governments in favor of continuing to pack the federal government with more Trump lackeys. Don’t be fooled, she’s not fighting for us in Washington.”