Westbrook, MAINE - In case you missed it, Governor Paul LePage is garnering more bad national headlines for Maine. Yesterday, the New York Times wrote about the governor’s obstruction of the voter-approved Medicaid expansion law and how it’s harming Maine people. The story also made abundantly clear where Maine’s gubernatorial candidates stood on the critical issue:

“Janet Mills, the state’s attorney general, is also the Democratic candidate for governor. She refused to represent the administration in the court case, leaving it to a private lawyer from Boston.

“Ms. Mills said in an interview last week: ‘If for some reason Medicaid expansion isn’t implemented in the next five and a half months, I will do it on Day 1.’

“Shawn Moody, a businessman, sides with Mr. LePage. His spokeswoman — who is Mr. LePage’s daughter, Lauren — said in an emailed statement on Thursdaythat if elected, Mr. Moody would ‘enforce the laws on the books, with appropriate funding from the legislature who under the constitution must pass all spending bills.’

“A statement Ms. LePage recently shared with Maine reporters took a more colorful tone, saying in part, ‘Shawn will not risk the fiscal health of the state to expand welfare for non-disabled individuals, and will not support funding welfare by raising taxes, raiding the rainy-day fund, or using one-time budget gimmicks.’”

The New York Times also included several stories of Mainers who are currently uninsured but  qualify for MaineCare under the new law.

You can read the entire New York Times story HERE.