Nation’s “Strictest Internet Privacy Law” Signed By Governor Janet Mills
After federal internet privacy protections were gutted, Maine Democrats step up for consumers

Today, Governor Janet Mills signed into law LD 946, “An Act To Protect the Privacy of Online Customer Information,” sponsored by Senator Shenna Bellows, which prevents the use, sale, or distribution of a customer’s personal information by internet providers without the express consent of the customer. Referred to as the “nation’s strictest internet privacy law”, this legislation comes after a set of federal rules protecting internet consumers’ personal online data was repealed, which had been in place to prohibit providers from abusing the data they gather on customers.

Maine Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Marra issued the following statement:

“Maine Democrats continue to lead the way in enacting historic legislation that puts Mainers first. With this new internet privacy law, Mainers have the nation’s best protections against their personal online data being bought and sold without their approval. After Republicans repealed federal protections for consumers’ online data, Maine Democrats answered with the nation’s best protections.”