With four days left in the campaign, Moody lashes out during a contentious radio interview

Westbrook, MAINE — After yet another disastrous debate performance, Shawn Moody is closing out his campaign with a divisive, incoherent message.

In a joint radio interview with his political mentor, Governor Paul LePage, Moody attacked educators, dismissed Mainers who disagree with him, and endorsed the failed economic policies that of LePage—policies which the Maine Department of Labor projects will lead to zero job growth over the next eight years. 

“Shawn Moody’s attacks on educators and Maine people show he’s not fit to be Governor of this great state,” said Phil Bartlett, Chair of the Maine Democratic Party. “We have a long tradition of political debate and discussion in this state. Moody’s attacks on the thousands of Mainers who have disagreements with his backwards policies is just shameful and desperate.”

In the middle of an extended diatribe about how he and LePage are simply misunderstood, Moody levied an attack on Mainers who don’t agree with him. While polling shows that a majority of voters are looking for a new direction, Moody dismissed thousands of Mainers who have good-faith disagreements with his policies:

MOODY: There’s no question in anyone’s mind now that we can run the state like a business successfully, we can create prosperity, jobs and grow the economy. And you know what? The people who don’t think you can? They’re not gonna vote for us anyway. 

LEPAGE: That’s correct. 

Earlier in the interview, Moody laid out his plan to slash funding for Maine’s schools, and attacked our public education system and the teachers who are working hard to help Maine’s children:

MOODY: The thing we’ve really got to do is lower our administrative—you know, we did the administration—uh the university system—$80 million, that’s across every single local school district and community. They have not done a good job reducing the overlap and the duplication and administrative overhead and that’s the next obstacle that we have to tackle: lowering our overhead so we have the money to continue lowering taxes.

Moody also pledged to continue the current economic policies and run the state just like LePage has. As most Mainer’s know, Paul LePage’s administration has predicted zero job growth for Maine’s future—which Moody apparently thinks is just fine: 

MOODY: Let me tell you. Back in ‘10, they didn’t think a business guy could run the state. Well they—they know now that’s the only way to go.

LEPAGE: I’ve been listening to the ads about, we’ve gotta change direction, a vote for you [Moody] is a vote for four more years of me, and I’m saying—everybody’s telling me, everybody’s patting me on the back saying “that-a-way, that’s what we need” What do you want to change direction? They like what they’re seeing right now.

MOODY: That’s right!