Augusta, MAINE – In case you missed it, auto-body repair shop owner and Republican gubernatorial candidate Shawn Moody disparaged young Mainers struggling with drug addiction in a recent radio interview, saying they’re “not disciplined, they can’t say no” and that they don’t have “the work-ethic” to avoid drug use.

Moody’s comments mimic much of Governor LePage’s backward and harsh rhetoric aimed at people who are fighting substance use disorder. Given Moody’s view, it’s no wonder then that he is the only Republican gubernatorial candidate who refuses to break with LePage on the approval of rules that would allow the life-saving, anti-overdose medication naloxone to be distributed without a prescription.

“Governor LePage has spent the last several years disparaging people struggling with drug addiction, and, unfortunately, it looks like Shawn Moody is determined to follow in his footsteps."

“Rather than continue LePage’s harmful rhetoric, Moody should be breaking with the Governor to support policies that will help save lives, like easing access to naloxone – just as his fellow Republican gubernatorial candidates have done – because degrading young Mainers isn’t going to save lives.”

Shawn Moody is the only Republican gubernatorial candidate not to break with Governor LePage to support releasing rules that would allow for the over the counter purchase of naloxone. LePage, along with his close financial backer Joe Bruno who chairs of the Maine Board of Pharmacy, have not released the rules that would make naloxone available without a prescription. Lauren LePage, Governor LePage’s daughter, is the campaign manager for Moody and Joe Bruno is Moody’s campaign treasurer.  

Moody’s full radio appearance on WLOB can be heard HERE.