Westbrook, MAINE – After repeatedly saying during the primary that he would fight to repeal Medicaid expansion as governor and that “we can’t let [expansion] happen,” Shawn Moody now says that he doesn’t remember holding such a position.

At a gubernatorial debate in Portland today, Shawn Moody was asked by a reporter: "What about Medicaid, though? I think, at one point, in the primary, you said let's repeal the law." His answer:  "No. Well, I don't remember that. No, my stance has been pretty consistent."

In a statement, Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett criticized Shawn Moody for “not remembering” his previous stance in the issue:

“In the Republican Primary, Shawn Moody took a clear position on Medicaid Expansion. He supported repealing the voter-approved law that would grant more than 70,000 Mainers access to the health coverage they need,” said Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett. “Now, in the general election, he’s so desperate to run from his own past comments that he’s claiming selective amnesia. Mainers deserve a governor who will be straight with them on the issues that matter to them, especially issues as significant as expanding access to health care.”

This isn’t the only time Shawn Moody has tried to distance himself from positions he took in the Republican primary. Previously, Moody repeatedly compared himself to Donald Trump, praised Trump for his leadership, and adopted much of Trump’s and LePage’s extreme rhetoric. But when Donald Trump, Jr. came to Maine on Monday, Moody was nowhere to be found.

Shawn Moody can’t have it both ways on Medicaid expansion or his affinity for President Trump and his policies. By portraying himself one way during the Republican primary and another during the general election, Moody is talking out of both sides of his mouth and refusing to level with Mainers on key issues.