Westbrook, MAINE – In an attempt to distract from his straightforward comment that education is “overfunded”, Shawn Moody recently released an ad featuring longtime education leader Mark Eastman to defend himself – except what Moody fails to mention is that Eastman was his high school principal. Even a simple Google search reveals a Maine Sunday Telegram story identifying Eastman as such. 

Maybe Moody had to use his former principal to defend him because he knows that other Maine teachers would tell him something like this:


The simple fact is that Moody let what he really thinks slip and he can’t escape it now – no matter how hard he tries. Moody believes education is overfunded – and that comes at a time when Maine has the lowest per-student funding and the lowest teacher pay in New England, and when Maine teachers spent $4.2 million of their own money on classroom supplies in 2016.

Maine’s students deserve better than Shawn Moody.