Westbrook, MAINE – Nearly a full week after his now-infamous and widely-condemned remark that fire extinguishers are a “great deterrent” to school shooters, Republican candidate for governor Shawn Moody still can’t seem to pull his campaign out of its downward spiral. In fact, he seems to be making it worse.

Moody emerged from hiding this weekend to speak with Bill Nemitz of the Portland Press Herald in an attempt to try to clean up the mess he made. But instead, Moody only stumbled over his comment even more, trying desperately to change the story by saying he never actually suggested fire extinguishers be used against school shooters (fact check: he did), but that he was saying they ought to be used against anyone in schools who was “out of control”.

“That’s a lot different,” he said. Yes, it is – it’s even worse

“Another day, another stumble for Shawn Moody,” said Phil Bartlett, Chairman of the Maine Democratic Party. “After garnering embarrassing national headlines for Maine, Moody’s campaign continues to be in complete disarray – and rather than get his story straight to fix it, he only makes things worse. I guess he’s learning the hard way that campaigns aren’t cars, and that it’s going to take more than a fire extinguisher to save his.”

In addition to his sad attempt to change his story, Moody’s backtracking on his comment completely undermined the efforts of his spokeswoman and highly-paid D.C.-political consultant who took to social media and friendly radio last week to furiously defend him by arguing that fire extinguishers are, indeed, an effective deterrent to school shooters. Whoops.