Augusta, Maine — Today is the nationwide Net Neutrality Day of Action. Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett released the following statement:

“Democrats believe that net neutrality is key to free speech, education, and innovation. All voices are given equal power to be heard through the current free and open nature of the internet, and we believe that right must be protected.

“Right now, net neutrality rules are under attack by the FCC and certain members of Congress. Without these protections, telecom companies can charge extra fees to control what the people see and do online — and the reach of independent, underrepresented, and marginalized voices will be stamped out by greedy gatekeepers. We must fight back, and hard.

“Rep. Chellie Pingree is a staunch defender of net neutrality. In contrast, Rep. Bruce Poliquin has already voted once to put the wallets of big telecom companies and their lobbyists over the best interests of his constituents. On today’s Net Neutrality Day of Action, I encourage everyone to contact Rep. Poliquin and the FCC and demand they maintain open internet protections established under the Obama administration."


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