Maine Republicans Play Politics With Critical Investments

Widely supported and bipartisan investment initiatives, such as funding for the National Guard, were torpedoed by Maine Republicans

Today, Maine Republicans reverted to LePage-era political tactics by torpedoing critical bond proposals that sought to invest in economic and workforce development measures, environmental protection, and land conservation efforts. The proposals made common-sense investments that have been supported by both political parties, such as broadband expansion, career and technical education, and National Guard upgrades. 

A Bangor Daily News editorial about the bond proposals further illustrated the need for such measures, unequivocally stating that:

  • “That proposal made sense two months ago, and even after being pared back in recent negotiations to $163 million and separated into four different items, it continues to make sense now.”
  • “All four individual elements of the bond proposal deserve the support of the Maine Legislature”
  • “Maine’s aging workforce and the new skills required in the 21st century economy have employers, educators and policymakers across the state scrambling to adapt. As the state works to build the workforce of tomorrow, forward-looking investment is needed today.”
  • “There’s widespread, bipartisan agreement that Maine needs increased investment in internet access, particularly in rural areas.
  • “Forward-thinking environmental investments can also help sustain and grow Maine’s economy.”
  • “Conservation funding through the popular Land for Maine’s Future program ... is also a valuable contributor to the state economy.”
  • “We believe that each part of the bond package is a worthy and needed investment in Maine’s future. We hope that individual members will recognize the value of each individual bond proposal, and give voters an opportunity to do the same.”

Maine Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Marra issued the following statement: 

“It’s truly unfortunate that Maine Republicans are playing politics with critical investments that have broad, bipartisan support. Governor Mills consistently reached across the aisle and made good-faith compromises with Republicans to give Mainers the opportunity to vote on where they want their tax dollars to be spent in their own state, only for Republicans to revert to LePage-era tactics to obstruct. Maine Democrats will continue the hard work of delivering on their promises to voters, and Republicans should step up and do the same.”