In the wake of a New York Times report revealing that Paul LePage claimed Florida residency while serving as Governor of Maine in order to qualify for a tax break on his Florida property, Maine people deserve to hear answers to the following questions:

  1. Why did LePage wait until June 2022 – nine months after he declared in September 2021 that he was running for governor of Maine in – to stop claiming his Florida residency? Did he wait that long so he could continue to qualify for the tax break in Florida this year by claiming they lived in Florida for six months and a day?

  2. While LePage claimed Florida residency to get a tax break, he voted in Maine elections. Does LePage, who has repeatedly peddled false claims about out-of-state people fraudulently voting in Maine elections, believe that people who claim permanent residence in another state for tax purposes should be able to vote in Maine?

  3. In 2017, LePage tried to end Maine’s homestead exemption, the tax break he took advantage of in Florida. Why does he think he deserves that tax break, but Maine people do not?

  4. Why did LePage enact policies that drove up property taxes on middle-class Maine families while he himself sought and received a property tax break?

  5. Paul LePage is currently renting a home in Edgecomb. If he does not win the election, does he plan to return to Florida?