Westbrook, MAINE – In case you missed, Maine people are criticizing Silent Shawn Moody’s refusal to answer questions. In a letter to the editor in today’s Portland Press Herald, reader Jennifer Jones of Falmouth expressed her disappointment with Silent Shawn for declining to answer the Maine SundayTelegram’s questions on commonly-discussed gun safety reform measures. He was the only gubernatorial candidate of the 14 asked who did not answer.

“I’m not asking Moody to abandon his declared support for the Second Amendment. I’m just asking him to tell us what he thinks about these reforms,” wrote Jones. “Don’t the people of Maine deserve to know that from a person who wants to be their next governor?”

To read the full letter, click HERE.

In case you’re having a hard time keeping up with how often Silent Shawn isn’t answering questions, we’re keeping track for you (spoiler alert: it’s a lot):

Keeping Up with Silent Shawn Moody

11/21/17:  “His campaign, however, is being run by insiders close to LePage, including Brent Littlefield, a strategist who ran LePage’s 2010 and 2014 bids, and Lauren LePage, the governor’s daughter. Moody didn’t take questions from the assembled media after his speech.

01/10/18:  “Two other Republican candidates for governor, Mary Mayhew, LePage’s former commissioner of the Department of Health and Human Services, and Gorham businessman ShawnMoody, did not respond to requests for comment.

01/19/18:  “Another Republican candidate for governor, businessman Shawn Moody of Gorham, finally issued a statement Thursday but still failed to answer the questionof whether he would approve the rules.”

01/26/18:  “With the exception of Shawn Moody, the candidates said they didn’t understand the delay, and several said they would release the rules.”

02/11/18:  “All the candidates but Moody said they would support whoever the Republican nominee for governor in the fall is. Moody meanwhile didn’t answer the question specifically, but said the goal is to sweep the House, Senate and Blaine House for Republicans.”

02/25/18:  “Only one of the 14 candidates, Republican Shawn Moody of Gorham, declined to answer any of the questions despite repeated requests and, instead, released a generic statement asserting his support for the Second Amendment while calling for a community resource officer in every school.”