Maine Democrats Replace Caucus With Primary Set For Super Tuesday

Primary will ensure more Mainers have the opportunity to cast their votes


Governor Janet Mills signed into law Sen. Louis Luchini’s LD 1626, "An Act To Implement a Presidential Primary System in Maine," a bill which would give parties the ability to institute a presidential primary in Maine rather than a caucus. The presidential primary is scheduled for Super Tuesday. A primary ensures it will be easier and more efficient for Mainers to cast their votes for their preferred presidential candidate. This switch has been widely endorsed as a way to increase voter participation.

This bill comes as Maine Democrats have already led the way in enacting historic legislation that expands access to reproductive health and Medicaid, expands paid time off, protects online privacy, makes the health care system more equitable, toughens public health requirements to protect children, and protects the environment.

Maine Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Marra issued the following statement:

“Maine Democrats have been laser focused all legislative session on passing common sense laws that look out for the wellbeing of all Mainers, and this presidential primary bill will make it easier and more efficient for voters to express their support for their preferred presidential candidate. I applaud Gov. Janet Mills and Sen. Louis Luchini for enacting this important piece of legislation.”