In case you missed it, Maine Democrats today held a press conference slamming Paul LePage for revelations surfaced by the New York Times that, while serving as Governor, he personally benefited from a Florida tax break while trying to cut the same tax break in Maine. The speakers criticized LePage for seeking out a property tax break while pushing policies that raised property taxes in Maine:

Maine Democratic Party Vice Chair Bev Uhlenhake: “As we speak, LePage is running for governor and is trying to paint himself as the guy who can lower costs. This report makes clear that LePage does care about lowering costs—for himself. But while he was cashing in on a tax break down south, he was also ratcheting up property taxes for all of us back here in Maine. There’s no reason to think he won’t do it again.”

Representative Maureen Terry (D-Gorham): “I’m really, very uncomfortable that the former Governor is ok with taking advantage of programs that do not belong to him, while at the same time asking for Maine to make cuts [to the homestead exemption].”

Representative Ann Matlack (D-Spruce Head): “Five out of the eight years LePage was in office, the average statewide property tax rate increased…and yet he benefited down in Florida from a tax break that he was trying to deny the people of the state of Maine. Governor Mills delivered bipartisan property tax relief. She expanded the Homestead Exemption. She fully funded education and restored revenue sharing to towns to support police, fire, and other important local services…This November let’s send him back to Florida permanently, where he can claim that homestead exemption he likes so much.”

You can watch a recording of the full press conference here.