Westbrook, MAINE - Today, the Maine Superior Court ruled that $1 million in funding for the Maine Clean Elections system must be paid to candidates utilizing the program, though the governor has not ruled out appealing the Court’s decision. The Superior Court ruling does not, however, resolve the problem created by a drafting error that has prevented other Clean Elections funds from being dispersed since July 1. Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett issued the following statement:

“The Superior Court Decision today is a victory for Maine’s twice voter-approved Clean Elections system, and House Republicans should take note and end their own attempts to undermine this program by supporting an easy fix to an unintended drafting error that has caused so much chaos. 

“The bottom line is that while Democrats are doing everything they can to finish their work and fund a successful Clean Elections program, Republicans are using this drafting error to go back on a deal they made last year in order to tip the scales of this election in their favor. The Superior Court has ruled that Governor Lepage can no longer undermine this program, and House Republicans shouldn’t be able to either.”