In response to Senator Collins switching her position to vote against the Bipartisan Border Bill, the Maine Democratic Party released the following statement:

“President Biden has worked with Democrats and Republicans in Congress on a bipartisan border bill which would send much-needed resources to bolster our country’s border security and immigration courts.

"Senator Collins' decision to reverse her previous position and vote against meaningful bipartisan border reform is a purely cynical and political move that will exacerbate staffing shortages and safety concerns of border patrol agents, increase wait and processing times for immigrants and refugees, and goes against the wishes of Mainers who favor putting safety, security, and humanity ahead of political gain.

"As alluded to by Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska who told reporters, “If I thought it was good enough to vote for before, what changed?”, the only thing that has changed since Senator Collins voted in favor of the same bill three months ago is Donald Trump’s order for GOP lawmakers to kill the bill so that he can continue to benefit from politicizing the border at the expense of the American people.”