Maine Democratic Party Chair Phil Bartlett issued the following statement in response to Maine Republican attempts to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the Ranked Choice Voting process in Maine’s Second Congressional District:

"The Secretary of State's office is carrying out the Ranked Choice Voting process in a non-partisan manner and in accordance with the law that was twice-approved by Mainers at the ballot box.

"Maine Republicans lost decisively on Election Night, and now they're trying to employ the same scare tactics that they used before the primaries in June. Their attempts to sabotage Ranked Choice Voting and sow fear and doubt didn't work then, and they aren't isn't going to work now.

"Voters in Maine's Second Congressional District cast their ballots with the promise that their votes would be honored—including the order they ranked the candidates. Not only are Maine Republicans' 'concerns' unfounded, it's clearly part of a national effort by Republicans to delegitimize the voting count in races they fear they could lose."