As the polls close on Election Day, Maine Democratic Party Chair Drew Gattine issued the following statement:

“As this year’s election cycle comes to a close and we wait for results to come flooding in, it’s important to remember that democracy doesn’t happen by accident. In recent years we have seen a national trend of unprecedented attacks on democratic norms and erosion of faith in our elections. Yet, regardless of what’s taking place in other states, it’s gratifying to know that the vast majority of Mainers know our elections are secure and accurate. Just this past Sunday, the University of New Hampshire released a poll showing that 87 percent – the vast majority of Maine voters, regardless of party affiliation, are confident that votes will be counted accurately. And 96 percent found their voting experience to be easy.

“That our elections can be conducted so smoothly year after year is in large part due to the dedication of hundreds of city and town clerks and staff in the Elections Division whose hard work behind the scenes so often goes unnoticed. These are the real heroes on Election Day.

“I also want to thank the thousands of volunteers and staff who worked tirelessly to contact voters all summer, fall, and straight through 8:00 PM today. From the students who are getting involved for the first time this year to the seasoned activists who have been doing this for decades, thank you for fighting for our state’s future. The commitment these folks have shown this year is truly inspiring. Over the course of the last six days, we’ve knocked on tens of thousands of doors and had thousands of quality conversations. This is democracy in action.”