In response to Paul LePage saying “I’ll go where the oil is” when asked about his support for offshore drilling, Maine Democratic Party spokesperson Misha Linnehan released the following statement:

“Tonight, Paul LePage doubled down on his support for drilling for oil off the coast of Maine, an initiative that would put Maine’s entire lobster industry in peril. Our coastal industries consider offshore drilling an existential threat to their way of life, and LePage’s support for it shows he either does not understand or does not care about their future. Governor Mills has fought to protect Maine’s lobster industry from the threats posed by climate change, offshore drilling, and the federal government. It’s clear she’s the right choice for Maine.”

Background on LePage’s support for offshore drilling:

During his time in office, LePage was the only governor on the eastern seaboard who supported allowing new development of offshore drilling – a position that ran counter to every member of Maine’s Congressional Delegation who warned at the time that it could “irreparably damage” Maine’s lobster industry.

Upon taking office, Governor Mills pulled the state’s support for offshore drilling and has fought to protect Maine’s environment and fishing industries ever since.