Maine Democratic Party Chair Drew Gattine released the following statement on tonight’s 1st congressional district debate hosted by the Portland Press Herald and Maine Public:

Tonight Congresswoman Chellie Pingree outlined a clear vision for Maine and the nation, building on her impeccable track record of success. She’s delivered real results for Maine families, farmers, fisherman, and everyday workers. It’s no wonder why the voters in Maine’s 1st Congressional District have overwhelmingly selected her as their representative in Washington time and time again.

By contrast, Ed Thelander distinguished himself most tonight in his inability to give coherent responses to basic questions on public health, climate change, and election security. He would oppose efforts to codify Roe v. Wade, a position wildly out of step with the beliefs of the vast majority of Maine people. During tonight’s debate, Thelander echoed national GOP talking points and failed to articulate a single policy idea that would benefit everyday Mainers. Maine needs real leaders, not another politician in lockstep with Kevin McCarthy and Donald Trump.