Westbrook, MAINE – Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett released the following statement in response to the Maine Ethics Commission’s decision this afternoon:

“Although the Ethics Commission declined to investigate further, it is clear to us that they were universally disturbed by Savage’s behavior, skeptical of his explanations, and disapproving of his anonymity.

“As a result of this complaint, the Maine Democratic Party was able to drive Savage out of the shadows, hold him accountable to the public for his disturbing actions, and shine a bright light on the underhanded tactics that he and the Maine Republican Party are willing to engage in. Savage, and by extension the Maine GOP, violated the trust of the people of Maine who deserve honesty and integrity from their leaders – not the lies and deceit they got.

“The Maine Republican Party should consider themselves on notice: when you engage in dishonest behavior, we’re going to defend the interests of Maine people and call you out for it every time.”