Maine Democratic Party Chair Bev Uhlenhake released the following statement responding to tonight’s presidential debate:

“Tonight, Mainers were presented with a clear picture of what’s at stake in this year’s election in a choice between President Biden’s vision for America, where our freedoms and democracy are protected and everyone gets a fair shot, and Donald Trump’s unhinged and extreme agenda to take away our fundamental freedoms, destroy our democracy, and give tax cuts to the ultra-wealthy at the expense of Maine families.

“Trump lied over and over again about his disastrous record. While in office he ruined our economy, bungled the response to the pandemic, ripped away our right to reproductive freedom, and tried to throw away our votes and overturn the 2020 election.

“What we all saw tonight is that President Biden cares about cutting costs and fighting for Mainers’ freedoms and families. Donald Trump only cares about himself and his billionaire buddies, even as our rights are under attack.

“Mainers will make their voices heard this November by re-electing President Biden and defeating Donald Trump once again.”