In response to Congressman Golden’s successful re-election, Maine Democratic Chair Drew Gattine, issued the following statement:

“I am pleased to congratulate Congressman Jared Golden on winning a majority of votes in the 2nd Congressional District ranked choice runoff. Whether it's standing up for our farmers, fishermen, families, workers, or aging Mainers, Congressman Golden has done a remarkable job bringing Maine voices to Washington D.C. in the last four years. I am confident he will continue to do so for the next two.

“We also thank Secretary Shenna Bellows and her staff for another smooth and successful ranked choice tabulation. Ranked choice voting ensures that every Mainer’s vote is counted, no matter who their first choice candidate is. By tabulating ballots in full view of the media, campaigns, and the public, the Secretary’s office has given Maine voters every reason to feel fully confident in the security of our elections and the accuracy of the ranked choice process."