In commemoration of Labor Day, Maine Democratic Party Chair Bev Uhlenhake released the following statement:

“Today we pay tribute to the contributions and achievements of working Mainers, and celebrate the history of America’s labor movement. My dad was a factory worker and Union member. He instilled in me that, as Democrats, we don’t leave people behind. The right to organize for fair wages, safe working conditions, and workplace protections is central to making the economy work for everyone.

“In Maine, our Democratic-elected officials took decisive action to defend those rights by banning captive audience meetings and protecting workers from retaliation by employers, and across the country, Americans are benefiting from President Biden’s policies that are bringing manufacturing and Union jobs back to the United States. We at the Maine Democratic Party are proud to be a Union workplace and to fight for candidates and policies that benefit Maine's working families and Unions.”

Maine Democratic Party staff are represented by the International Brotherhood of Electric Workers Local 1837. Our offices will be closed today and will reopen at 9am on September 5, 2023.