Westbrook, MAINE — Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett issued the following statement today on the Keep Families Together Act:

“The Trump Administration is snatching children away from their families and holding them hostage to fulfill a campaign promise — and yet Senator Collins and Congressman Poliquin cannot find the courage to sign their names to a piece of legislation that could end it. Their failure to back this bill is not only shameful, it’s morally reprehensible — and it sadly demonstrates to Maine people that they are more willing to put politics ahead of basic humanity.”

In a constituent letter revealed online, Senator Collins appears to defend the Administration’s policy of separating children from their families. Today, she finally spoke out against it but still declined to back the Keep Families Together Act. Congressman Poliquin is courageously studying the issue

Meanwhile, Congresswoman Chellie Pingree is backing the bill.

“We applaud Congresswoman Pingree for her moral leadership on this issue,” Bartlett continued. “Mainers know they can rely on the congresswoman to do what is right in the face of an Administration that continues to only push the boundaries of cruelty and inhumanity.”