Westbrook, MAINE – In response to Republican gubernatorial candidate Shawn Moody’s comment that “a fire extinguisher can be a great deterrent” to stop a school shooter, Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett issued the following statement:

“A fire extinguisher is an effective tool for stopping a small fire – not for stopping a hail of deadly bullets sprayed out of an assault weapon.

“This is not at all the type of serious leadership that Mainers are looking for in their next governor. Moody’s comments demonstrate just how deeply out-of-touch he is with the problem of gun violence in schools and that he’s not at all prepared to think through the issue in a thoughtful way, let alone to offer serious policy proposals to protect Maine students.

“Maine people deserve better than this.”

In case you missed it, Washington-based news outlet The Hill published a story today on Moody’s comments. Calling it a “common-sense, practical thing to do”, Moody said to WVOM radio yesterday: “Grab that chemical fire extinguisher and spray it towards somebody, and I’ll tell ya right now – that could put ‘em to their knees.”

To read The Hill story, click HERE.