Westbrook, MAINE - Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett issued the following statement today after Senator Susan Collins announced her support for Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court:

“Maine has a rich history of Senators who have stood up for what’s right and put country over party. Unfortunately for Mainers, the example set by Margaret Chase Smith was not one that Senator Susan Collins chose to live up to today. Democrats and the many of the women members of the Senate—including Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski—did not shrink from this moment as Senator Collins has, and we thank them for standing up against this nomination.” 

“Dr. Ford’s testimony was credible, concise, and compelling. She passed a polygraph test, called for an FBI investigation, and asked for witnesses to testify. While the FBI did conduct a supplemental investigation into Kavanaugh, it’s clear that it was inadequate and incomplete. 

“Based on his record and views on health care, abortion, and abuse of Presidential powers, Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination should have been rejected on the merits. Now, based on the credible allegations he faces and his recent testimony, it’s become clear that he does not possess the integrity or character to be appointed to a lifetime position as a Justice on our highest court. It’s a shame Senator Collins can’t recognize that.”