Westbrook, MAINE – Today, Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett issued the following statement in response to the Republicans’ unity rally:

          “Shawn Moody said today that the people of Maine have spoken. The people of Maine also spoke when they voted to expand Medicaid, which he said he would fight to repeal. They also spoke when they voted to increase the minimum wage, which he wants to rollback. They also spoke when they voted to preserve ranked choice voting and legalize marijuana, both of which he has railed against relentlessly. It’s sad Shawn Moody thinks the people of Maine are only worth listening to when it’s in support of him.

          “But, nonetheless, today Republicans rallied around Moody and his plans for four more years of Paul LePage. But with lagging economic growth, a raging opioid crisis, and skyrocketing childhood hunger and poverty, it’s clear that our state needs a new direction – not the same old tired LePage policies repackaged."