Westbrook, MAINE – Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett issued the following statement in response to unenrolled State Representative Martin Grohman’s announcement that he has gathered the adequate number of signatures to appear on the general election ballot in November:

“Marty Grohman's partisan record of voting with Republicans in Augusta speaks for itself. He wants to go to Washington to work hand-in-hand with Republicans to roll back the minimum wage for working people, hand over tax breaks to the wealthy instead of the middle-class, and support backward policies that would only make it harder for people to put food on the table.”

“Congresswoman Pingree has been a tireless champion for the people of Maine’s 1st Congressional District, crossing the aisle time and again to advance bills that help our state’s small businesses, veterans, fishermen, farmers, and more. That’s why her constituents have repeatedly and overwhelmingly re-elected her to represent them.

“Congresswoman Pingree continues to make Maine proud, and the last thing Maine needs is to send her opponent to D.C. when he’s already so tragically out of touch with Maine people.”


Despite Maine people approving an increase in the minimum wage at the ballot box, Grohman has repeatedly voted to roll it back. He also endorsed the Republican tax scam bill, which has largely benefited the wealthy and large corporations and which also gutted the Affordable Care Act and will lead to increased health care premiums for Maine people. Recently, Grohamn also came out in support of so-called work requirements for SNAP food assistance on the national level despite the clear evidence that they have failed in Maine and led to increased poverty and hunger across the state.