Augusta, MAINE – In response to U.S. Senator Susan Collins telling reporters today that she is now leaning towards supporting the Republican tax bill after a meeting with President Trump and Senate Republicans, Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett renewed his call for her to oppose the bill:

“Early on, Senator Collins rightly voiced concerns about the Republican tax bill, but now, by her own admission, she appears poised to support it. The Maine Democratic Party strongly urges her to reconsider.

“What we see happening is not bipartisan tax reform. This is a Republican effort to advance a massive giveaway to the wealthiest Americans at the expense of hardworking Maine people. Multiple independent, nonpartisan analyses have confirmed that.

“Any tax reform bill should benefit hardworking Mainers, not millionaires and billionaires and giant corporations.

“We appreciate Senator Collins’ work to try to improve this bill, but in reality, improving this bill will mean saying no to this scam and reaching across the aisle to work with Democrats to advance bipartisan tax reform, like she originally wanted and like Maine people deserve.”