Westbrook, MAINE - Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett issued the following statement criticising Governor Paul LePage for vetoing the bill to fund Medicaid Expansion:

“Governor LePage said that he wouldn’t implement voter-approved Medicaid expansion unless the legislature found a way to fund it. Now that he’s vetoed the bill to fund it, the governor has once again shown us that his only interest is to continue operating in bad faith and in a way that is counter to what Maine people want.

“This is yet another example of why Mainers need Janet Mills as their governor. Janet wants to honor the will of the voters and move forward with the implementation of Medicaid Expansion because she knows that it not only will make Mainers healthier, but because it will be a substantial boost for our economy as well. Meanwhile, we also know that Shawn Moody will continue Governor LePage’s opposition to Medicaid expansion, going so far to even say that he will repeal it. It’s time to move past this dysfunction and ensure the will of the people of Maine is honored.”