Maine Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Marra Statement on Trump Administration’s Plan to Restrict Food Assistance for More Than 44,000 Mainers

Maine Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Marra made the following statement regarding the Trump’s administration’s newest plan to restrict food assistance for millions of Americans, including more than 44,000 Mainers: 

“The Trump administration just prioritized taking food out of the mouths of children, older Mainers, and people with disabilities -- this is the result of Republican leadership in Washington. After passing a tax scam that gave corporations and special interests huge tax breaks, the Trump administration now threatens an essential lifeline for more than 44,000 Mainers. As Maine Democrats enacted legislation to address food insecurity and expand essential benefits for the most vulnerable among us, Republicans keep trying to take us backwards. This is why we need to beat Trump and flip the Senate, and the Maine Democratic Party will continue in its efforts to do such through November.”