Following the election of Craig Hickman to Maine State Senate District 14, Maine Democratic Party Chair Drew Gattine released the following statement. 

“The voters of Senate District 14 have chosen a world class public servant to represent them in the Maine Senate. We congratulate Senator-elect Craig Hickman on his special election victory. He brings a powerful, wise voice to Augusta, especially for those who have felt unheard and unrepresented. 

“In his four terms in the Maine House of Representatives, Senator-elect Hickman served with courage, vision, and compassion, looking out for small businesses, championing rural development, fighting for civil rights and civil liberties, advocating for farmers and food sovereignty, and always focusing on people over partisanship. 

“Senator-elect Hickman will be only the second Black Senator to serve in the Maine Senate, having already made history as the first openly gay Black member of the Maine House of Representatives. These are enormous milestones for our Legislature and for our state. Make no mistake, young children of color and young LGBTQIA children will see Senator-elect Hickman and know that elected office is a possibility for them, too. 

“As Maine moves out of this pandemic and into a better, more just future, Senator-elect Craig Hickman is exactly the kind of leader and community steward we need in public office.”