Westbrook, MAINE - The Maine Democratic Party is calling for the withdrawal of Christopher Hoy as a House candidate in House District 32, which is part of South Portland. Hoy, the son of Kandi Lee Hoy, who is the chair of the South Portland Republican Committee, has been arrested and convicted on numerous charges stemming from violence over the last three years.

Maine Democratic Party Chairman issued the following statement: 

"Republican leaders like Shawn Moody and Gov. LePage—as well as House Republican leaders Ken Fredette and Ellie Espling—should speak out against these actions in the strongest terms possible and ask Mr. Hoy to withdraw his name as a candidate. 

“This pattern of violence and disturbing behavior has no place in society, and certainly no place in the Maine House of Representatives. There should be no question about it, and Maine Republicans need to make it clear where they stand.”

According to public records, Hoy was charged with domestic violence assault against the mother of his son in January of 2015 and pled guilty to disorderly conduct relating to the incident. Two years later, in January of 2017, Hoy was charged and pled guilty to violating a protective order against the same woman. Several days later, in January of 2017, Hoy was arrested for domestic violence assault against his mother, Kandi Lee Hoy, and pled guilty in April of 2017 to a reckless conduct charge related to the arrest. Additionally, Hoy has been arrested on numerous other charges in the past three years including in April of 2018, while a candidate for State Representative, for violating a protective order.