On the final day of Black History Month, Maine Democratic Party Vice Chair Julian Rogers released the following statement:
“Maine and the Maine Democratic Party have benefited tremendously from the legacies and leadership of trailblazers like Gerald Talbot, John Jenkins, Speaker Rachel Talbot Ross – and others who continue to make Maine history and shape our state’s future. As February draws to a close, I encourage all Mainers to continue learning about the achievements and contributions of our nation’s Black activists, innovators, and visionaries.”
“We must continue to lift up the voices of Black Mainers, and of all Mainers from marginalized communities, especially in the face of recent targeted threats, harassment, and intimidation that are designed to try to silence them. Mainers are a diverse people, and we are all made stronger when every voice is heard and valued. As Democrats and Mainers, our values direct us not only to fight to end racism, prejudice, and discrimination but also to foster safety and belonging for all people who call Maine their home. We will not be silenced.”