Westbrook, MAINE – As Election Day draws closer, letters to the editor in support for Janet Mills have been pouring into Maine newspapers all over Maine, signaling excitement and momentum for a new brand of leadership in the Blaine House. 

Here is what Mainers have been saying about Janet Mills in the past week alone:

Portland Press Herald: “Mills is the only one in this race who’s truly ready to confront the critical challenges facing Maine now.” - Mary Ann Larson, Portland

Sun Journal: “I have witnessed Mills’ service as a public prosecutor, a private attorney, a state legislator, and the state’s attorney general. She has done much for Maine in those roles.” - Jan Phillips, Auburn

Sun Journal: “Janet Mills has a solid plan to tackle the opioid epidemic and that is why I will vote for her...Maine doesn’t need more of the same. Maine needs Janet Mills.” - Sherry Monteith, Lewiston

Forecaster: “She strongly advocates for Medicaid expansion and increased access to health care for all Mainers. The expansion would cover over 70,000 Mainers, most of whom work.” - Dr. Catherine Crute, Portland

Portland Press Herald“...She is running for governor to make sure Maine people have access to affordable health care, good-paying jobs, high-quality public education, and to maintain Maine as a pro-choice state.” - Mary Ann Lynch, Cape Elizabeth 

Sun Journal“Janet Mills is the kind of antidote that is needed to help counteract the chaos in Washington and who demonstrates the value of people-first leadership.” - Dave Griffiths, Mechanic Falls

Central Maine“If you want a governor whose family has included two generations of Democrats and Republicans dedicated to public service, one who is a fighter for Maine people and for a better future, I strongly urge you vote for Janet Mills.” - Karen Heck, resident and former mayor of Waterville

Portland Press HeraldHer plans for our economy include paying attention to Maine’s disintegrating infrastructure, providing funds for research and development, strengthening our educational environment to include more vocational and tech programs, providing coordinated and comprehensive broadband and finally approving MaineCare (Medicaid) for the more than 70,000 uninsured Mainers who desperately need it.” - Polly Shaw, Bath

Sun Journal“Mills will work for the state to provide excellent public education — the best way to work out of poverty...She is an advocate for clean, renewable energy. That has become a significant source of employment and job creation. It is also a necessity as a way to combat climate change.” - Susan Reilly, Minot