Westbrook, MAINE – Governor Paul LePage’s approval ratings are underwater, according to a new poll released this morning by Morning Consult. Only 41 percent of Maine people polled say they approve of the governor while 53 percent say they disapprove of him. That’s enough to make LePage the fifth least popular governor in America, but it’s not enough to keep the Republican gubernatorial candidates from trying to be just like him.

        “The people of Maine are rejecting Governor LePage’s harmful policies and divisive politics because, after nearly eight years, they’re ready for bold, new leadership that’s going to support working Maine people and make Augusta work again,” said Phil Bartlett, Chairman of the Maine Democratic Party. “But, rather than take the notice, the Republican candidates for governor are hell-bent on competing for the title of who’s most like LePage and who will be another four years of his failed Administration. Their race to the extreme right may help them court primary voters, but it’s out-of-step with the majority of Maine people who know that LePage’s policies have held our state back for far too long.”